Is a Gap Year Good or Bad?

A gap year is a year when people don’t and study or work after school. Gap years have their advantage and disadvantages. Things they do on a gap year are things they love to do or to do they didn’t get to do. Here is why you should go a gap year and why you should not go on a gap year. 

Things people do in a gap year. 

Volunteer with a cause you are passionate about. 

When you on a gap year, you can do things that you love. To volunteer at places, like cleaning the beach, help and the VET, children’s home. Do things you love and make a difference somewhere.  

Travel: Travel to places that you want to visit. Make a bucket list of places or things you always wanted to do. Take a road trip with friends 

Learn new languages or help other people the language that you are speaking. Go and have a journey to unknown places. Go to museums and learn new things. Work at a kinder garden and help teachers with the children.    

  Why you should go a gap year?

People take a gap year to ‘’find themselves’ ’and see want are you good in. they also take it to get away from their home town and go and explore the world. See new things and meet new people  

Why you should not go on a gap year?

You won’t make any friends, and then you wouldn’t share your journeys with anyone. Other reasons why people take gap years are because they didn’t plan anything and didn’t know what they want to do after school. You will not make money because you don’t plan on working. 

You will not be ready for college because you didn’t do anything for a year. Sometimes you don’t have the right amount of money to travel or to do things like to do.   

If you are taking a gap year make sure you planed it well before you do it. Don’t waste time on it taking a gap year start studying right after school and after college? After college start working and begin your career and go and follow your dreams. When taking a gap year makes sure you know what you are going to do and make a budget to know now want is everything going to the coast and not going to be expensive.