How to Choose an Affordable Ski Vacation

Downhill skiing isn’t for the faint of heart. A business acquaintance of ours traveled to Big Sky Resort in Montana and a simple fall by one of them landed him in the ER with a broken shoulder! The cost of going to such a resort is astronomical, so in this post we’ll give you a heads up for what to look out for.

A day at the slopes can easily run you thousands of dollars if you’re not careful. Before you hit the powder, do your research to find the cheapest ski resorts at your destination.

How to choose an affordable ski vacation


If you’ve been skiing before, you know that the cost of a lift ticket is just a fraction of what the whole trip will cost. There’s transportation to the resort and back. Accommodations if you’re from out of town or planning to stay for a few days. If you don’t have your own gear, you’ll need to pay to rent some. And of course, food and drinks before and after skiing.

When comparing ski resorts, make sure to consider these ancillary costs. A cheap lift ticket can become an expensive weekend if you’re stuck staying at a plush 5-star resort when you’d be just as happy in a hostel.


Hotels are nice, but they’re one of the more expensive ways to enjoy a ski vacation. Ditch the chalet and instead look for other affordable accommodation options.

Airbnb can give you the privacy of a chalet without the price tag (but be prepared to rent a car if your Airbnb isn’t close enough to the slopes). Most areas with great ski hills are hotbeds for other outdoor activities, and a budget-conscious skier may be just as happy sharing a dorm in a hostel for a few nights instead.


The further afield you travel, the more you’ll pay to play.

Looking for ski resorts closer to home will not only save you on airfare, but you might also be able to afford a more luxurious ski experience than if you were penny-pinching in another country.

For instance, if you’re a resident of Colorado, why not get bored of some of the local slopes before converting those greenbacks for euros in the Alps.


Most resorts offer discounts if you make a group booking with friends, or reserve your accommodation with your ski pass at the same time.

While these paltry discounts won’t make much of a difference to your budget at the fancier resorts, they can be the difference between a ski vacation and staying home at smaller, more affordable resorts.


Ever heard the phrase “Champagne taste on a Bud Light budget?”. That applies to cheap ski vacations too. If you’re looking to save money, temper your expectations accordingly.

Many resorts that bill themselves as “family-friendly” tend to be more affordable but probably won’t have the back to back black diamond routes you may be craving. Instead, expect to find more moderate hills, fewer perks, and more straightforward facilities.


Once you’ve found a few resorts that fit your budget and expectations, get friendly with them to see if you can’t score more savings. Sign up to newsletters and their social media, then follow them for exclusive deals and discounts. If you don’t see any advertised, just ask. You may be surprised.

Remember that while you do get what you pay for, you can almost always find a good deal. If you’re willing to look for it.


Not the winter-loving type? Here are some cheap European beach destinations.…

Top 3 Cheap Beach Destinations in Europe

Let’s face it: not everyone can afford to stay in 5-star hotels, or dine in Michellin-reviewed restaurants—and even those who can sometimes refuse to do it out of principle. After all, why spend thousands of dollars on a single trip, if all you want is to spend a week on a sunny beach with a good book in one hand, and a nice, cool drink in the other? The good news is, not only is it entirely possible to unwind on your summer vacation without breaking the bank, but you’ll, in fact, be visiting some of the most breathtaking seafronts in Europe if you choose one of the following destinations.

Top 3 cheap beach destinations in Europe
Callum Galloway

Corfu, Greece

Just off the north-east coast of Greece, this beautiful, olive tree-covered gem in the Ionian sea has much to offer to the budget traveler. Corfu’s many beaches, with their fine, golden sand, and clear, calm, emerald waters are mostly free—all you need to do is bring a towel and some cool drinks in a camping fridge. Food and drink in northern Greece is more than affordable by Western standards, especially the delicious Gyros pita and Retsina white wine. And even though accommodation can get quite expensive in high-end hotels, if you shop around, you will have no trouble finding decent apartments, with all the basic amenities, for a reasonable price.

Makarska, Croatia

On Croatia’s Dalmatian coast between Split and Dubrovnik lies a small, horseshoe-shaped bay with a gorgeous, sandy beach, backed by a grove of fragrant pinewood. Even though Makarska is a proper town with a small, but bustling nightlife scene, the beach remains its main draw. And as long as you don’t count not having a room with a sea view among your deal-breakers, plenty of quaint, private accommodations await near the town square, just a short walk from the beach. Some of these offer a very good continental breakfast, featuring locally cured meats and cheese, for a reasonable price. There are also quite a few cheap options for day trips, including catching a boat to one of the nearby islands, or visiting Dubrovnik, with its impressive 16th century Old Town.

Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is, overall, one of the most affordable countries in Western Europe, but it’s Algarve’s unique and beautiful beaches, with their myriad of content that really give budget travelers some serious bang for buck. Right off the bat, Algarve is only a 30-minute drive from Faro airport, which serves many low-cost companies that can get you to Portugal for a ridiculously small fee (provided you buy your tickets a few months in advance). Private accommodation is generally comfortable and affordable, with plenty of rentals being fully equipped, AirBnB style apartments that will make you feel right at home. If you don’t intend to eat out frequently, food and drink will not set you back by much either. There are several supermarket chains that offer cheap, but tasty pastries, salads, sandwiches, and even ready-made lunches. All you need to worry about is applying your sunscreen and deciding which beaches you want to lounge on, because Algarve has it all: from giant rocks to powdery sand.

There you have it: three inexpensive beach destinations in Europe. If you’re a family, be sure to check out these top 5 destinations wi kids. If you’re a recent high school grad, see our post on taking a gap year to travel the world!


Is a Gap Year Good or Bad?

A gap year is a year when people don’t and study or work after school. Gap years have their advantage and disadvantages. Things they do on a gap year are things they love to do or to do they didn’t get to do. Here is why you should go a gap year and why you should not go on a gap year. 

Things people do in a gap year. 

Volunteer with a cause you are passionate about. 

When you on a gap year, you can do things that you love. To volunteer at places, like cleaning the beach, help and the VET, children’s home. Do things you love and make a difference somewhere.  

Travel: Travel to places that you want to visit. Make a bucket list of places or things you always wanted to do. Take a road trip with friends 

Learn new languages or help other people the language that you are speaking. Go and have a journey to unknown places. Go to museums and learn new things. Work at a kinder garden and help teachers with the children.    

  Why you should go a gap year?

People take a gap year to ‘’find themselves’ ’and see want are you good in. they also take it to get away from their home town and go and explore the world. See new things and meet new people  

Why you should not go on a gap year?

You won’t make any friends, and then you wouldn’t share your journeys with anyone. Other reasons why people take gap years are because they didn’t plan anything and didn’t know what they want to do after school. You will not make money because you don’t plan on working. 

You will not be ready for college because you didn’t do anything for a year. Sometimes you don’t have the right amount of money to travel or to do things like to do.   

If you are taking a gap year make sure you planed it well before you do it. Don’t waste time on it taking a gap year start studying right after school and after college? After college start working and begin your career and go and follow your dreams. When taking a gap year makes sure you know what you are going to do and make a budget to know now want is everything going to the coast and not going to be expensive.